SpinnrĀ® helps you find new friends who share your hobbies & interests!

With video profiles, intro videos, and video messaging, it’s easier than ever to connect with people around you to do fun things together!



Make new friends without likes, trolling comments, fake followers, or other toxic behavior.

How does the app work?

It’s super simple, quick, and safe! Just follow a couple of steps:

  • Create a video profile

  • Search for interests, hobbies and activities

  • Watch video profiles of people who match your interests

  • Introduce yourself to people

  • Make new friends!



Watch the movie trailer of someone’s personality.

You know the feeling you get after watching the trailer of a new movie? You’re excited to see that movie right? Well with Spinnr, you get the trailer of someone’s personality! With the goal of interacting face to face in real life, we make it easy and without pressure to get to know someone before meeting IRL.


The world has enough social media apps. What happened to the old days of AOL chatrooms and MySpace? We’re bringing back the friend vibes!


The best icebreaker when meeting a new person is sharing interests, having the same hobbies, or engaging in a fun activity.


You won’t find boring and static old photo and text profiles here. Spinnr is all about video, so show us what you got!

We are bringing back meaningful relationships.

It’s time to bring back quality human interaction. Go back in time to when face to face connections were the norm. The days when you had to knock on the door of your friends house to see if they were free to hang out. The feeling you used to get when you met someone new for the first time while enjoying your favorite activity.

Show off your Spin!

Create a video profile showing off your Spin. Play an instrument, or show off a skill. The best way to make new friends is to show people what you’re good at, or what you’re into, so you can match with them.

It’s all about Video

Pictures and text are boring. That’s why Spinnr is a video first app. Show off your personality, and truly get to know someone before meeting them. It’s time to find your Spinnr Squad and spin with them!

Spin around the world.

Spinnr is for everyone. Whether you just moved to a new city and are looking for new friends to explore with, or you just got a new frisbee and want someone to help you get better at throwing it.

Maybe you are a single parent looking for other single parents. Or you need a new roommate, bandmate, or teammate for your soccer team. Even entrepreneurs looking for someone to collaborate with. With Spinnr, the possibilities are endless.

And for singles who are tired of traditional meeting apps and the pressure of meeting in person with expectations. No more superficial swiping. We welcome and encourage everyone to be themselves. We support the LGBTQ community, and all genders and identities. 

Most social networks are for interacting with people you already know, or people you are never going to meet. Spinnr was created to help you break out of your bubble and find new friends in your area who share your interests! So join us today!