How Spinnr Started

During the last few years, we saw a need for a way to create new friendships. Traditional meeting apps are frustrating because they come with expectations, and social networks are mainly for people to show off their lives. We asked ourselves the question: How can we create meaningful relationships? Spinnr was born.


Meeting friends is hard.

We know it’s difficult to meet new friends while living through several historic moments that the whole world is dealing with. So our goal is to help people find friends through mutual interests, hobbies, and engage in fun activities together. Whether you like dogs, hiking, movies, sports, or writing, we know that finding other people with the same interests in your area can be difficult. Especially when most social networks are for people you already know.


Societal norms.

Social media has all but destroyed the fabric of quality human interaction. It has caused stress, depression, and misinformation with devastating consequences. Constantly having access to anything we think we need or want, especially social interaction, becomes too much to handle and is technically not even real – it is cyber interaction. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs proves that you don’t need that constant connection with society to survive. We do not need to keep in contact with every single person we meet – only those with whom we’ve formed meaningful relationships, with whom we socialize outside of the cyber world.


Meaningful relationships.

Spinnr aims to bring back those meaningful relationships. Its retro vibe is meant to help people go back in time to when face to face interactions were the norm. The days when you had to knock on the door of your friends house to see if they were free to hang out. The feeling you used to get when you met someone new for the first time while enjoying your favorite activity.


Take a Spin!

We want you to take a spin with a new friend while enjoying your favorite interests, hobbies, and activities. By featuring video profiles, intro videos, and video messages, it’s as real as you can get; with the ultimate goal of interacting face to face in real life. With Spinnr, you get the movie trailer of someone’s life before meeting in person.


We welcome feedback!

So if you like what we are doing, tell your friends about us, the more the merrier! We are working hard to add cool features to the app, and help people like yourself to find new friends through the power of video. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at – and tell us what’s on your mind!