Make Authentic Connections

One friendship at a time. With the world’s only video friendship app powered by A.I.

Where Friendships Thrive

Welcome to Spinnr, where real connections come to life. Unlike traditional social platforms, Spinnr provides an unparalleled user experience with its 100% video-based approach, capturing real-time personalities in profiles, messages, and calls. We don’t allow likes or followers; instead it’s about fostering genuine friendships. We prioritize your privacy, storing minimal data and creating a secure environment that’s completely ad-free. With our community driven squads and events, you can form meaningful groups and plan activities effortlessly, creating a real sense of community. Spinnr isn’t just an app; it’s your space for authentic and meaningful connections.

Staggering Statistics

In an era marked by rising loneliness, reduced friendships, and declining mental health, Spinnr responds to these staggering statistics by offering a platform to forge genuine connections. Amid challenges like the pandemic, Spinnr serves as a lifeline to meaningful social interaction.

Americans who have lost friends


Americans who are lonely


Americans with no close friends


Americans who want new friends


Evolve with videos

In a world where text and photo profiles are outdated, Spinnr leads the way in authentic online interactions with dynamic video profiles, video messages, and video calls. Video allows for richer, more genuine connections right from the start. Experience a new dimension of friendships and community with Spinnr, where video captures what words and pictures simply can’t.

100% Video

We offer a 100% video-centric experience—from profiles to messages to calls—capturing real-time personalities for more authentic and meaningful interactions.

Private and safe

We prioritize member privacy above all. We don’t store unnecessary data, ensuring a 100% private and secure environment for genuine connections.

no ads or influencers

We provide a genuine user experience free from distractions. There are no ads or influencers, ensuring a pure, authentic interaction for everyone involved.

community driven

Squads and events on Spinnr let members form meaningful groups and plan activities, fostering a sense of real community and shared experiences.

What our members have to say:

“Spinnr has revolutionized the way I connect with my fans and customers. It’s not just an app; it’s a community where I can share my journey, my music, and my fashion ideas with ease. It feels personal and genuine, something I’ve never experienced with any other platform.”

– Tony

“Being part of Spinnr has been transformative. In a world where communication is hard, especially for the disabled community, Spinnr simplifies it. We formed a private squad to connect, share, and uplift each other barrier-free. It’s not just an app; it’s our empowering space.”

– Breya

“Spinnr is a game-changer. No more juggling apps or sharing personal info to plan playdates with other moms. I made a private group for my mom friends. Now, we schedule events without giving out phone numbers or emails. It’s efficient, organized, and private.”

– Alexa

“Spinnr has been my sanctuary during tough times, especially with mental health struggles worsened by the pandemic. On Spinnr, I found like-minded people and a judgment-free space to talk. The private squads offer safety and community, something I never expected to find online.”

– Sarah