The Spinnr Retro Dance Challenge

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Contest Rules and Terms:

  1. Eligibility: 
    • The contest is open to individuals or groups aged 18 and above, with a passion for dance and a love for the 80s! 
    • Participants must agree to abide by the contest rules and terms outlined on this webpage. 
    • Employees, affiliates, and immediate family members of the organizing team are not eligible to participate.
  2. Submission Guidelines:
    • Participants must submit a video showcasing their dance routine that incorporates at least four (4) of the six (6) retro dance moves shown in the official Spinnr Retro Dance Challenge video. 
    • Videos should be clear, well-lit, and shot in portrait orientation. 
    • Submissions must include the official contest song, “Spin Spin Spinnr,” by Jason Staccato, by choosing it in “sounds” on TikTok or Instagram.
    • Submission videos must be posted in the Retro Dance Challenge squad on the Spinnr app to officially enter the contest.
    • Participants must upload their video entries on TikTok or Instagram to officially enter the contest.
    • To be a vaild entry participants must use the #spinnr tag, and tag username @spinnr_app on TikTok or Instagram when posting their video.
  3. Grand Prize Eligibility:
    • Participants must post their video on at least three (3) of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube.
    • Use the same #spinnr tag, and tag username @spinnr_app (where available).
    • Tag at least three (3) of your friends on each of the three (3) posts.
    • Add the official song to at least one (1) of your playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, or Pandora.
    • Post your video in a story on Instagram or TikTok and use the same #spinnr tag and tag username @spinnr_app.
  4. Spinnr App Usage Requirements:
    • Participants must download and install the Spinnr app for iPhone or Android in order to be eligible for the contest.
    • Join the Retro Dance Challenge Squad on the Spinnr app and post their contest video in the squad.
    • Participants must have five (5) acceptable videos on their Spinnr profile. This means videos that showcase your personality, hobbies, and interests.
    • The more distinctive your profile, the greater your chances of catching the attention of the Spinnr team for potential features on our social media platforms and eligibility for the Spinnr Choice Awards.
  5. Winner:
    • Winners will be randomly selected and the selection process will be made public through a live stream, organized and managed by the Spinnr team.
    • The Spinnr team will be regularly checking submissions and Spinnr video profiles for creativity, technique, style, and adherence to the retro theme.
    • Multiple videos will be handpicked by the Spinnr team to receive prizes through the Spinnr Choice Awards.
  6. Copyright and Intellectual Property:
    • Participants are granted the right to use the provided contest song, “Spin Spin Spinnr,” solely for the purpose of this contest. 
    • The contest organizers own the copyright to the contest song and grant participants a non-exclusive, limited license for contest-related usage only. 
    • Participants must not use the contest song for any other purposes without obtaining permission from the contest organizers.
  7. Liability:
    • Participants shall bear full responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur during the creation or submission of their dance routine. 
    • The organizers shall not be liable for any technical malfunctions, interruptions, accidents, or errors that may occur during the contest.
  8. Prizes and Recognition:
    1. The Grand prize will be awarded to only one winner. And that winner must have followed all of the grand prize eligibility requirements outlined in section two (2), three (3), and four (4) of the rules on this page.
      • $5,000 cash prize
      • Featured Spot on Spinnr’s Official Social Media Accounts
      • Free Premium Subscription to Spinnr for 1 year
      • Spinnr Merch Package
    2. The Gold prize will be awarded to one winner:
      • $1,000
      • Featured Spot on Spinnr’s Official Social Media Accounts
      • Free Premium Subscription to Spinnr for 1 year
      • Spinnr Merch Package
    3. The Diamond prize will be awarded to one winner:
      • $500
      • Spinnr Retro Challenge Runner-Up Certificate
      • Shoutout on Spinnr’s Social Media Channels
      • Free Premium Subscription to Spinnr App for 1 year
      • Spinnr Merch Package
    4. Spinnr Choice Awards will be $25 Amazon Gift Cards and Spinnr Merch per chosen video.
    5. All participants will receive a digital certificate of participation.
  9. Prize Delivery Requirement:
    • The winners must be a registered member of Spinnr.
    • The winners will be announced and tagged in the Retro Dance Challenge squad.
    • Winners must send a friend request or accept a friend request from member “spinnrsupport”.
    • Upon being declared a winner, all prize recipients will be required to provide a valid I.D. to verify their age.
    • Upon being declared a winner, all prize recipients will be required to provide a PayPal or Venmo account for the purpose of prize delivery. The PayPal or Venmo username or email address must be sent to member “spinnrsupport” in the Spinnr app within a specified timeframe of thirty (30) days.
    • Failure to provide a valid I.D., PayPal or Venmo username or email address within the designated period will result in forfeiture of the prize.
    • We value the privacy and security of your personal information and will use it solely for the purpose of prize delivery.
    • By participating in the contest, winners consent to the collection and use of their PayPal or Venmo username or email address for this purpose.
    • Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on how we handle personal data.
  10. Contest Validity Requirement:
    • The validity of this contest is subject to a minimum participation threshold of 25,000 eligible submissions. In the event that the minimum threshold is not reached by the end of the contest period, the contest may be canceled or modified at the sole discretion of the organizers. If the contest is canceled due to the minimum participation threshold not being met, no prizes will be awarded, and participants will be notified accordingly.
    • Our commitment to transparency is of utmost importance. We encourage participants to share the contest with their networks to help meet the participation threshold. We believe in creating a fair and engaging contest environment and will keep participants informed of the progress toward the minimum submission requirement.
    • Please note that the minimum participation threshold is established to ensure a competitive and exciting contest experience for all participants. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us reach this threshold. Regardless of the outcome, we remain dedicated to providing a positive contest experience for all involved.
  11. Disclaimers:
    1. Exceptional videos may catch the eye of the Spinnr team, potentially leading to their feature across our social media platforms and inclusion in our paid advertising efforts.
    2. Spinnr reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest and its rules at any time, should circumstances arise that are beyond our control or if we deem it necessary for the integrity and fairness of the competition.
    3. While we strive to provide a smooth and enjoyable contest experience, Spinnr cannot be held responsible or liable for any actions, content, or consequences arising from the creation, submission, participation in the contest, dancing, or any related activities. Participants are solely responsible for their own actions and submissions.
    4. Additionally, Spinnr cannot be held liable for any copyright, trademark, or patent infringement issues that may arise from participant submissions. Participants bear the responsibility for ensuring the legality and intellectual property rights of their submissions, as Spinnr does not exert control over or endorse the content submitted. By participating in the contest, participants agree to abide by these rules and acknowledge that Spinnr’s decisions regarding contest cancellation or modification are final and binding.”

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By participating in Spinnr’s Retro Challenge, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the rules and terms outlined above.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our team in the Retro Dance Challenge squad in the app or email us at