4 Movies That Teach Us Different Values of Friendship

Did you know the average person watches over 5,000 movies during their lifetime? Watching movies is something most people have in common, and it’s easy to understand why. Movies help us achieve many goals like relaxing, cheering up, becoming creative, or learning something new. Besides our intrinsic goals, movies can help us connect with our outer reality too. According to PyschCentral, watching movies can help improve relationships by building shared interests and sparking discussion and reflection. So, if you’re looking to make new friends, try watching movies that teach you about friendships to build healthy relationships. Here are 4 movies that teach us different values of friendship:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The trustworthy relationship between the main character and his friends demonstrates the importance of being genuine in friendships. Charlie, timid and awkward, struggles to make new friends upon entering high school. However, when he meets Sam and Patrick, his life takes a turn. The trio form a close friendship in which they share their deepest struggles and secrets and realized they were able to break free after accepting who they are and what they have been through. The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows us that we aren’t alone in our walk of life and we can build relationships based on trust and vulnerability.


The Breakfast Club

Can you imagine being forced to sit in a room full of strangers for hours on end? What if I told you it may be the key to friendship? The Breakfast Club tells the story of a group of teenagers who are placed in Saturday detention who share nothing in common but one thing: wanting to get out. Along the journey of escaping detention, each person shared their story. Once everyone let their guard down, connections began to form. The film teaches us that to understand other people, we must first understand ourselves. 


Mean Girls

This one goes without saying; mean girls (or people) are inevitable to encounter in our lifetime. However, how we react to these people and situations is what determines the type of friendships we get out of it. Kady, the main character, entered a new school and changed her style and personality in hopes to join a new group of friends that were known as “the Plastics.” Quickly, she realized that these girls weren’t welcoming her, but actually wanted to humiliate her. Thankfully, Kady had two true friends who stuck by her side and supported her through her friendship with the Plastics (the mean girls). Kady’s friendship experiences demonstrate that remaining true to yourself will reveal your most real friends.


Dumb and Dumber

Everyone needs a friend who they can be their truest, silliest self around. Lloyd and Harry, two foolish best friends, begin a quest to deliver a suitcase full of money that a friend had left behind in their car. What they didn’t know is that their spontaneous trip would lead to a path of events gone wrong. From freezing their tongues to a ski lift to becoming stranded in the desert, the two friends smiled and laughed together through it all. Lloyd and Harry’s friendship teaches us the importance of keeping our friendships light-hearted and fun, especially during tough times.


What movie will you watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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