Keeping Up With Your Friends From Afar: Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to find face-to-face interaction with our friends. Even more so, the landscape of our friendships may have change amidst pandemic circumstances. Long-distance friendships are common, yet, not many express how these friendships differ from the typical relationships in our lives. In order to maintain a strong friendship with those who may live far away or are just busy bees, one must prioritize their long-distance friendship. Keep reading to learn more about keeping up with your friends from afar.

Schedule Calls/ Video Chats

Though it might not be possible to catch up over lunch or a walk in the park, you can still show your interest in their lives by scheduling a call or video chat to catch up with each other. Setting aside time specifically for your long-distance friendship will show your friend how much you care about them and desire to be involved in their lives. Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, any amount of attention toward your friendship will show how much you prioritize them. Scheduling time to chat with your friends will ensure that your friendship will not fade despite the distance. 


Send Each Other Sentiments via Mail

Nowadays, we show our sentiments through text messages or social media posts rather than mailed letters. However, receiving a letter or package via mail is sentimental, as it shows that someone was thinking of you and wanted to share a piece of their life with you. Sending your long-distance friend a care package is a great way to show them that you are thinking of them. A care package for a long distance friend can consist of many items, for example, their favorite snacks or an artifact from your own home. Most importantly, be sure to seal the package with love. 


Shared Music/Movie Sessions

With the virtual influence of the pandemic, we have been introduced to ways to do our favorite activities with friends online. Apps like Hulu have recognized the need to stay connected with our friends even from a distance, so they introduced a shared watching feature in which you and your friends can message each other throughout the watch party. Additionally, Spotify has introduced a shared listening feature that enables users to listen to the same music at the same time, even if they aren’t together. Even if your friend is far away, you can still geek out over your favorite movies and songs together. 


Long-distance friendships are difficult to maintain without being able to interact in person, but there are plenty of ways to ensure that you keep in touch with your friends. Prioritizing your time in your friendships is vital to show them how much you care about them.


How will you show your long-distance friends how much you care about them?

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