Return to Reality with Your Hobbies: Books about Friendship

As social media began to rise, the pleasure of reading became taboo. However, the influence of isolation and quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to pick up books again. According to WordsRated, 2021 and 2022 were the highest selling years for printed books in the 21st century. Though we are no longer suffering extensive effects of the pandemic and can return to normal operations, it is important to remember to take time to take part in the hobbies and activities that interest you. We can still use hobbies like reading that were developed during quarantine to help us return to our daily lives. Reading can help make new friends, because it enables us to be more empathetic and communicative in our relationships. Keep reading to learn more about how you can return to your reality with your hobbies by reading books about friendship.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” serves as a guide of how to handle people, how to get people to like you as a person and your way of thinking, and how to be a leader. Carnegie believes that if you change your own behavior, you can influence others. Therefore, influencing the idea that if you put forth positive and progressive efforts in your relationships, then you will receive it back. In this book, you will learn how to shape your relationships by re-shaping yourself. 

Find Your People

In “Find Your People,” Jennie Allen takes a deep dive into why we want to be alone instead of surrounding ourselves with others, but provides vulnerable advice to help you break the emotional walls. Through her own stories, she teaches us how to overcome the awkwardness of making new friends and how to develop strong relationships by identifying the type of friend we are to others. Allen aims to help people build a community of people who will help you identify your truest self. 

The Fine Art of Small Talk

Through 11 life-changing lessons, Debra Fine teaches us how to build upon our initial conversations to form genuine connections with others in “The Fine Art of Small Talk.” Fine focuses on practicality by providing advice that can be helpful in casual and formal conversations. The quick read is meant to be a tool for those who struggle with being a leader in group conversations and can improve your conversational skills. 

Though the pandemic has affected the way we communicate with each other, engaging in your favorite hobbies like reading can help you return to connecting in your daily life. Authors like Carnegie, Allen and Fine are just a few examples of people out there who provide useful and comforting advice as a way to help you obtain the best version of yourself. As you get back to normal activities, return to your reality with your hobbies and try reading books about friendship.


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