5 Hobbies You Can Do with Your Friends


Making friends in our seemingly virtual world can be hard, but trying new things can help! Taking on a new hobby can bring you and your friends closer together by doing something you both enjoy. Whether it is something you do every day or on an occasion, doing activities with your friends is important to building a strong relationship. Here are 5 hobbies that you can do with your friends. 



Try a Workout Class

There are plenty of different workout classes out there to fit anyone’s needs. At a workout class, you and your friends can bond by working hard together and celebrating what you have accomplished. From group yoga, to HITT classes, to synchronized swimming, there are many activities you can take on with a new friend. If working out typically isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to try something new!


Go on a Brunch Date

Nothing bonds friends together like food! Grab yourself and some friends and head to your local cafe on a Sunday morning for brunch. Here, you and your friends can debrief about the weekend and set goals for the upcoming week over a delicious meal and sweet treat. One of my favorite brunch spots is First Watch!



Shop at Thrift Stores

Thrift shopping is not only sustainable but can help you find one-of-a-kind clothing pieces or knick-knacks. Finding unique pieces can be a conversation starter for you and a friend, while the piece itself can tell you more about the person’s personality and likes. Going to different thrift stores can keep you and a new friend busy and give you time to learn more about each other.


Dog Walking Hobbies You Can Do with Your Friends

Walking dogs from your neighborhood or local animal shelter is a great way to spend time with animal-loving friends. Through dog walking, you and a new friend can explore new places in your area while bonding about the common interest of animals. Don’t know where to find dog-walking opportunities? Check out Doggie Style Pets or the Rover app. Hobbies You Can Do with Your Friends


Though trying new things with people can seem daunting, you may find yourself creating stronger bonds through shared experiences. Get out there and explore with your friends! Hobbies You Can Do with Your Friends


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