5 Ways to Rekindle an Old Friendship 


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Relationships in our lives are always changing. Losing and gaining friends is a part of life, but what if you miss that old friendship you once had with someone? If you are looking to reconnect with an old friend, here are 5 ways to rekindle an old friendship. 


Reflect on the past relationship

Be honest with yourself as to why you want to reconnect with them. Did you both have a rough falling out? Or did the two of you just lose touch? It is important to reflect on what went wrong between you two to see if rekindling the friendship is worth it. 


Give them time

If it has been a while since you have talked to them and you want to, feel free to ask them if they are interested in catching up. You never know if they have the same feelings toward you but they may have been too scared to reach out. 


Don’t jump to conclusions

If you happen to reach out to them and they do not respond quickly, do not jump to conclusions. They might be taking the steps you did prior to this by reflecting on your old friendship with them. 

Set boundaries for the new friendship

The most likely thing to occur when rekindling an old friendship is both parties changing. The friend you want to reach out to may be different now and have other motives. Knowing that your old friend may have changed can allow you to create boundaries. By creating boundaries, you can reflect and understand what when wrong in your falling out and see what the both of you can improve on. 


Give yourself credit

Whether the person does or does not respond, it is important to remember that you took a big step. Reaching out to someone you have not talked to or seen in a while is a scary thing to do. Giving yourself credit for putting yourself out there and thinking positively about the situation helps you realize there is nothing wrong with wanting to reconnect. 


Friendships are one of the most important relationships we have in our lives. They influence and encourage us throughout our lives. Friends are always there for us during our hard times. Wanting to reach out to someone you were close with in the past is not a bad thing to do. It might be scary to see what they say, but know you are putting your best intentions forward by trying to rekindle an old friendship. 


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