It happens; life gets in the way and making friends isn’t always your biggest priority. Whether you have joined a new college or taken a job in a new city, it can feel easy to push making friends to the side and focus on new responsibilities. However, it is essential to recognize that we decide our priorities and whether forming relationships is a priority. Even when the clock seems to tick at lightning speed, we always have time to pursue relationships and be a reliable friend. Here are just a few ways to make new friends with a busy schedule.



Make Time for Your Friends

Genuine friendships are hard to find nowadays, but putting forth the time to find friends who won’t act flaky or fake will be worth your while. Making time to show your friends how much you value their friendship is much easier than it seems. Being honest and genuine is important for creating meaningful relationships, even if it is shown through small gestures. Be consistent in reaching out to your friends (reality check: a text is a few clicks for a few seconds), be attentive by showing interest in what is going on in their personal lives, and be present by putting in the time to plan outings with friends when you are available. 


Finding Friends as an Adult Make Friends with a Busy Schedule

Many people think you can only make friends as an adult at bars or parties. However, making friends can happen in places that are already a part of your daily routine. For example, start a conversation with someone you often see at your gym or workout class. Or, instead of doing computer work from your home office, try doing your work at a local, popular coffee shop. A conversation about just one shared interest can go a long way. If you can add another activity to your routine, search for local events online, like a painting class or comedy show, and commit to going to an event every week. The chances are, someone out there wants to make more friends just as much as you do. 



Be Honest and Open, Make Friends with a Busy Schedule

We have all experienced a time when our priorities have gotten ahead of us. It is best to be honest with your friends about your busy schedule because they’ll be able to understand you better. Let your friends know about your schedule and try to find a time when you can meet and catch up. Try inviting friends to a short lunch date or tagging along on an errand run to fit them into your schedule. Be open, step out of your comfort zone, and allow your friends to know you deeper than the surface level. Conversations about real life– both the ups and downs– are the gateway to building trust for a meaningful relationship.

Try a conversation like this: “I’m going through a busy time in my life right now, so I might not be as present in our friendship as I usually am. I want you to know that I value our friendship and would love to spend time with you once I have more free time.” Make friends with a Busy Schedule


Above all else, be kind to yourself. Keeping up with your own life is difficult, let alone keeping updated on your friends’ lives too. If you find yourself losing connection with friends, don’t blame yourself. However, make sure that your friends know how much they mean to you. Making friends is a privilege and joy, so don’t allow your busy schedule to make it seem like another pesky responsibility. Make friends with a Busy Schedule




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