How to Make Friends with Similar Interests: Spirituality


For those who are spiritual and intuitive, it may be difficult to create genuine connections with others around you if they don’t share those similar qualities. Though practicing spirituality is on the rise, finding others who are willing to dedicate themselves to the practices of healing and awakening at their true essence is difficult to come across. However, whether you connect with your spirituality through Astrology, meditation, or crystals, there are ways to find other people who can join you on the spiritual journey. 



Identify How You Best Connect with Yourself & Try it in a Group

Before you begin the quest to find a spiritual partner, you must identify how you best connect with your mind, body, and soul. Not everybody is able to find connections in the same ways, so it is important to focus on your own goals and desires while choosing a practice. A way to promote spiritual connection throughout your practice is to incorporate gratitude and appreciation.

Once you identify and become comfortable with the practice that is best for you, try it in a group! With the increase in interest toward spirituality, there are many group practices that exist for spiritual people to build a community. Practicing spirituality in a group with friends can encourage you to build a habit. For example, group meditation is a popular form of group spirituality practice, as receiving feedback can be helpful in moving along the spiritual journey.


Go to a Spirituality Retreat

There are not many groups in which people have the opportunity to explore themselves and the world around them from an open, intrinsic perspective which is why many spiritual groups join together to dedicate time toward their practice during a retreat. Typically, spiritual retreats are based in nature and rooted in mindfulness with an overarching goal to reach by the end. During this time, people usually spend their time practicing meditation and nourishing their bodies with healthy, whole foods. This time is an opportunity for those who connect with spirituality to avoid any societal factors and focus on their practice. Through the shared experience of dedicating oneself to spiritual practice, it is easy to make new friends.


Join a Spirituality Group Online

In a world where virtuality is normality, it is common to find people with similar interests online. However, with interests and hobbies that may not be so popular, like spirituality, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly how to find those friends. To avoid desperate Google searches like “how to find spiritual friends,” try out Spinnr Squads on the Spinnr App. With Squads, you are able to search for a Spirituality Group and immediately connect with other people in the group. If you can’t find a group that suits your specific interest, you can also create a Squad for your interest. Making friends through a group online may make meeting them in person less taunting and easier to create a deeper connection.


Even if you may think your hobby or interest is too obscure or underrated, there are other people out there who share your passion. Finding others who can connect with you based on your interest may require putting yourself out there, but in the end, it is worth finding new friends that will help you grow.


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