A Rocketship of Success

In the bustling world of startups, where innovation and breakthroughs are the currencies of success, my journey with Spinnr and Vengo AI has been nothing short of a ride into space on a rocketship. We’ve built a platform that not only scales but also meaningfully connects brands with their audiences through the power of AI and video technology. Despite our achievements – gaining traction with a 54% active user rate and low CAC of only $.79 cents (unheard of in our industry), securing $500,000 in funding, and forging ahead in the AI and social networking realms – the spotlight from big news publications and funding from VCs seems to elude us. Why is that? 



The Foundation of Innovation

Spinnr and Vengo AI were born out of a vision to tackle the pervasive issue of loneliness and the generic, impersonal interactions that plague the digital world. By integrating a video-first approach with AI-driven personalization, we’ve created a unique platform where users not just interact but form genuine connections based on shared interests. Our revenue model, focusing on premium subscriptions, in-app purchases, and a revolutionary creator marketplace, has set us apart in a crowded market. With brands estimated to spend $252 billion in 2026 with a low rate of success after 30 days of running ads, it’s a no brainer they need an alternative. Spinnr’s private squads for brands to connect and engage with their audiences is the perfect solution.


The Role of Strategic Partnerships

Our acceptance into programs with industry titans like Microsoft, Nvidia, OpenAI, Stripe, and ElevenLabs have been pivotal. These partnerships have not only validated our approach but also propelled us forward with significant growth credits and grants upwards of $300,000. However, these milestones, while crucial, haven’t translated into the broader visibility we aim for.



The Struggle for Visibility

Despite the global combined social and AI market’s projected growth of $850 billion by 2030, showcasing our significant market potential, our narrative seems to murmur in a realm where louder stories dominate. Competitors like Discord, Meetup, and Character AI provide varied approaches to connectivity but lack our platform’s depth in fostering genuine, meaningful relationships. This unique value proposition is our stronghold, yet it feels as though our achievements are muffled amidst the cacophony of the startup ecosystem.

Adding to our conundrum is the observation of the venture capital landscape, where startups, at times armed with nothing more than a concept or a sleek pitch deck, manage to secure upwards of $100 million or even billions in funding. This phenomenon is both baffling and frustrating. Here we stand, having already traversed the challenging terrain of building a scalable platform, demonstrating traction, and pioneering in the AI and social networking spaces. Our sleeves are rolled up, our hands dirty from the work we’ve put in, yet it seems the spotlight often favors those at the starting line with ideas still in gestation.

This disparity in recognition and funding raises critical questions about what truly captures the attention of VCs and the media. While imagination and potential are undoubtedly captivating, the tangible achievements and the laborious journey of turning visions into reality should merit equal, if not more, acclaim. Our platform is not just an idea on paper; it is a living, breathing entity ready to scale and redefine digital interaction. The struggle for visibility, therefore, is not just about being seen or heard but about challenging the narratives that define worthiness in the tech and entrepreneurial worlds.



Walking the Success Talk

With a background in teaching entrepreneurship (even guest lecturing at UPenn’s Wharton school of business), penning a comprehensive book on the topic, offering an online startup course, and spearheading a podcast that’s ranked top 5 in the entrepreneurship category for 6 consecutive years, I’ve walked the talk. My team and I have built something scalable, attracted funding, and garnered traction, yet we’re still on the outside looking in when it comes to major media and VC circles. It leaves me wondering – what more could possibly be required? Is there an unspoken price to pay for entry?

Admittedly, I never worked at Google, Facebook, PayPal, or any of the tech giants – although I did make it through an intense week long interview at Google’s headquarters back in 2015. Perhaps this absence from my resume is a stumbling block with VCs; my name doesn’t echo through the halls of Silicon Valley’s established behemoths. But rather than navigating the inner workings of these giants, I chose a different path – I was laying the foundation of my own empire. That decision has led me here, to the helm of a venture that’s not just competing in the tech arena but redefining it.


The Power of Authentic Connections

Our emphasis on authentic, video-based interactions and AI-driven personalization addresses the craving for real connections in a digital age. The Spinnr solution, focusing on combating loneliness and fostering genuine friendships, has been a testament to our commitment to enriching lives. Spinnr’s focus on video technology facilitates real-time brand-to-consumer engagement, while Vengo AI’s marketplace for AI personas enables brands to extend their reach, offering personalized interactions even in their absence. Together, they redefine brand engagement in the digital age, blending social connectivity with AI-driven personalization to meet the evolving expectations of consumers and brands alike.

Even one of our most loyal members who owns a local Philadelphia brand finds the value our platforms provide:

“Spinnr has been a game-changer for Jux Now. It’s not just an app; it’s a vibrant community where I can intimately connect with my audience. Sharing my journey, music, and fashion ideas has never been easier or more genuine. This platform has transformed how I engage with fans and customers about my brand, making every interaction feel personal and authentic in a way that’s unparalleled by any other service out there.” – Tony Diaz, Founder of Jux Now.


Bridging the Gap of Success

Our innovative approach to brand-audience connections, backed by a recent $500,000 funding milestone and $300,000 in growth credits, is just the beginning. We’re redefining engagement through AI, yet the question remains: What more do we need to do to get noticed? Is it more about the stories we tell, the networks we build, or simply the timing and serendipity of the tech landscape?

“Jason is a force of nature – a rare blend of technical prowess, creative genius, and leadership acumen. From coding to creating viral content, managing a team of developers, orchestrating ad campaigns, designing marketing graphics, creating pitch decks, analyzing data (and making decisions based on the findings), building multiple websites, writing comprehensive technical documents and marketing materials, to conceptualizing physical merchandise and crafting the entirety of our brand’s identity, there’s virtually nothing he can’t do. Working alongside someone with such a comprehensive skill set is both inspiring and humbling. Yet, it’s baffling that the brains behind such innovation remain under the radar of news outlets and VCs. One has to wonder, what more does it take for the world to recognize such extraordinary talent?” says Kristin LaSalle, CMO of Spinnr Inc.




As we reflect on our journey with Spinnr and Vengo AI, it’s clear that we’ve not only laid the groundwork for success but have also built a launchpad for exponential growth. From pioneering a scalable platform that melds the power of AI with the authenticity of video-based connections, to assembling a world-class team that’s as passionate about combating loneliness as they are about innovation. We’ve gained significant traction, secured meaningful investments, and have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the social networking and AI markets.

Yet, despite our success, the spotlight from major news publications and the support from top venture capitalists remain just beyond our reach. It’s perplexing, given our readiness to scale and the clear demand for deeper, more meaningful digital interactions in today’s world. They say you should be ready to throw fuel on the fire. Well, our rocketship is not just built; it’s on the launch pad, engines primed and ready to fire off into the stratosphere of global impact. We just need the fuel to take off.

To the news publications that seek to tell the stories of tomorrow’s unicorns, and to the venture capitalists always on the lookout for the next big thing: here we are. Spinnr and Vengo AI represent not just a successful business model, but a transformative movement towards a future where digital connections are as meaningful and enriching as their real-world counterparts. We’re not just ready to scale; we’re poised to redefine engagement in the digital age.

Our journey is a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets purpose. Now, all we need is the fuel — the recognition and the investment — to propel us into the next chapter of our story. Our rocketship is ready. It’s time to take off. 


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