Funding Fuels Brand Engagement

In an era where digital engagement dictates market success, Spinnr and Vengo AI, have secured a significant $800,000 in funding to redefine brand engagement with their audiences using artificial intelligence. This investment marks a pivotal step towards integrating AI-driven strategies into brand marketing, leveraging Spinnr’s business portal squads and Vengo AI’s creator marketplace to forge deeper, more meaningful customer relationships.

Revolutionizing Brand Engagement Through AI

At the heart of Spinnr’s innovative approach is its community driven squads, designed specifically for brands and businesses seeking to harness the power of AI in understanding and engaging their customer base. By deploying AI-driven engagement tools, Spinnr offers brands a unique opportunity to tailor their marketing efforts, ensuring they resonate more authentically with their target demographics. Originally launched as a video-based community platform for connecting individuals with shared interests, Spinnr has rapidly gained support from local brands eager to innovate in their audience outreach. Amid the clutter of current social platforms, characterized by a toxic mix of likes, followers, pervasive advertising, aggressive algorithms, and an oversaturation of influencers, Spinnr stands out by offering brands a private and intimate space to engage with their customers and fans, cutting through the noise to facilitate genuine interactions.

Vengo AI complements this by providing a creator marketplace where brands can monetize their fan base or customers through custom created AI personas. This synergy between Spinnr and Vengo AI empowers brands to unlock new revenue streams while enhancing customer loyalty through personalized interactions.

Data-Driven Brand Engagement Success: A Closer Look at the Numbers

Recent studies underscore the effectiveness of leveraging AI in marketing strategies. According to a report by the Marketing AI Institute, 98% of marketers use AI in some way, signaling widespread experimentation and adoption. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Spinnr revealed that brands utilizing their AI squads experienced an 87% boost in customer engagement. As brands are projected to invest an astounding $252 billion in social media advertising by 2026, without any assured returns on their ad spend, the necessity for a more effective solution is clear.

“Today’s funding announcement is not just a milestone for Spinnr and Vengo AI; it’s a testament to the transformative power of AI in the marketing sector,” stated Kristin LaSalle, CMO of Spinnr Inc. “Our goal is to offer a solution to the 71% of brands currently leveraging social media for advertising, by creating a dynamic ecosystem where personalized engagement drives growth and loyalty for their audiences.”

Jason Sherman, CEO of Spinnr Inc. added, “Leveraging our community squads and AI-powered creator marketplace, we are thrilled to present brands with a platform that enhances their understanding of customers and fosters innovative, impactful engagement. Imagine investing $500 to access a platform for a month and seeing a 100% return on investment, compared to the potential of spending the same amount on traditional ads and realizing 0% ROI. That’s the transformative potential we’re aiming to unlock.”


Backed by Powerful Tech Titans

As Spinnr and Vengo AI look to the future, their focus remains on leveraging AI to create more nuanced and effective marketing strategies. With this latest round of funding, the company is poised to expand its offerings, further helping brands to navigate the complexities of digital engagement in an increasingly saturated market. With $500,000 in private angel funding, and $300,000 in grants from powerhouse tech titans Microsoft, Nvidia, OpenAI, Stripe, and Elevenlabs, the company is expanding their infrastructure, and growing their community..


About Spinnr and Vengo AI

Spinnr is a leading AI-driven platform dedicated to helping brands to create brand engagement, as well as businesses to enhance their customer engagement and marketing strategies. With a suite of analytical and engagement tools, Spinnr empowers companies to understand their audience better and craft more impactful, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Vengo AI is at the forefront of the creator economy, providing a marketplace for brands to connect with creators and leverage their content to monetize fan bases and customers. Vengo AI’s platform is designed to foster authentic brand-creator collaborations, driving revenue and deepening customer relationships.

Spinnr and Vengo AI are currently raising $3 million through Wefunder to further scale their game changing technologies. You can invest and join them here:


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