Why Swiping for Friendships on Dating Apps is a Terrible Idea



As dating apps become increasingly popular, more and more people are utilizing them not just to find romantic partners but also as a means of creating friendships. While it may appear simple enough to form bonds in this way, there are numerous drawbacks associated with “swiping for friendship” which make it an ill-advised choice.


Safety Concerns

If you decide to meet someone from a dating app, there is always the potential that safety risks may arise. Dating apps often require users to provide personal information such as their name, age and location which can be accessed by anyone using the app. You don’t really know who you are dealing with when meeting up online, so it is important for everyone to practice caution and take necessary precautions, especially for those using dating apps.


The Pressure to Perform

Using dating apps to make friends can also be a source of pressure; these platforms are often designed to encourage people to present themselves in an idealized light, leading users down the path of putting on a false persona. This almost always leads to interactions that lack authenticity and genuine connection. That’s why friendships formed organically tend have much more depth and longevity!


Limited Scope

Dating apps have a tendency to be geographically restricted, limiting the potential friend pool. As a result, you may not stumble upon people outside of your nearby surroundings or even individuals who are looking for friendships instead of romance. Clearly this can present an obstacle when it comes to fostering connections beyond one’s locality and making platonic relationships through dating applications.

The Risk of Rejection

Navigating the world of dating apps to find friends can be just as nerve-wracking and emotionally taxing as using them for romantic endeavors. When someone decides not to pursue a friendship or ignores your message, it’s inevitable that some level of disappointment will set in — this is normal when exploring relationships with strangers! That said, rejection can be especially difficult to grapple with if your goal was simply forming platonic connections. It’s essential to remember that even though rejections are part and parcel of the dating process, they don’t have define you!


The Importance of Organic Connections

Establishing friendships that are honest and resilient is best done through organic growth, rather than being sourced from a dating app. These types of relationships will typically be more real and last longer as they are created on the basis of shared memories along with an authentic bond. In spite of their utility in connecting people, relying solely on them to form trustworthy bonds should be avoided.

In Conclusion

Swiping on dating apps to find friends is a poor choice with many potential drawbacks. Safety considerations, pressure to entertain others, the possibility of being rejected, and the lack of natural connections are all reasons why people should be mindful if they choose to use these platforms for social connection. It’s always advisable to remain vigilant when using online tools – this rings especially true when it comes to dating app usage.


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