5 Fun Holiday Activities to do With Your Friends


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Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here! About 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas in some way. With Christmas just around the corner, it is an eventful time of the year that you can spend with friends. Continuing reading if you want to find out fun activities you can do with your friends during this holiday season!


1. Have a Cookie Decorating Contest

Baking warm delicious cookies during the Christmas season is a loved tradition by everyone. Make it fun by having a cookie decorating contest. Design cookies with holiday staples such as snowmen, reindeer, stockings, and so many more. Make it unique by having lots of sprinkles for your cookies!

 2. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

With those delicious cookies you just made, enjoy them with your favorite Christmas movie. Have a movie marathon with your friends and watch everyone’s favorite Christmas movie. To make it more exciting, you can rank each movie you watched and see if you have a new Christmas movie favorite. 


3. Make Christmas Candles

Double up on the coziness and make your own candle with your friends. You can go to your nearest arts and crafts store and pick up wax, jars, and Christmas scents to make your own festive candle. To jazz it up you can dye the wax or even add little charms to the candle. 


4. Exchange Gifts With One Another

A perfect way to show your appreciation for your friends is to give them a gift. To make it fun host a gag gift party where you can give your friend a cheap funny gift. Fun Activites


5. Make Customized Ornaments Fun Activites

Add some jazz to your tree with customized ornaments from you and your friends. You can purchase ornament balls or any shaped ornaments from your local craft store. From then you can paint, decorate, and add personalized pictures to the ornaments. Fun Activites


Doing these 5 fun Christmas activities with your friends will ensure a holly jolly Christmas! Fun Activites


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