Why Men Need Meaningful Relationships, Too

In a world where face-to-face interaction has become hard to come by, 61% of Americans report feeling lonely. Notably, men report feeling lonelier than women. The truth is, men need supportive friends in their lives to maintain their well-being, too. In a survey of 2,000 people, it showed that less than half of the men felt happy with the number of friends they have. Though it can be difficult to open up to others and create close relationships, here are reasons to help you understand why men need meaningful friendships in their lives



Shows Him How to be Vulnerable

Over time, young boys who were taught that it was wrong or “uncool” to be emotional grow up into men who are unable to be vulnerable to create close connections. Men who have friends they are able to open up to about what is on their minds can translate that vulnerability into other relationships. Having a close friendship in your life teaches you how to show others how much you value them.


Encourages Him to be Confident

Finding friends as an adult isn’t as easy as when you’re a teenager or in school. It may feel awkward to attempt to create close connections, but putting yourself out there is the key to finding people who share similar interests. Moving beyond playful banter and being confident enough to talk about deeper topics can help men create more meaningful friendships. 


Trying New Activities

Diving into new activities with other guys can help men find more friends. Doing something new alongside other people can help to create a stronger connection and network with an even broader group of people. Men who find themselves working alot can try new things too. Dr. Franco suggests, “If you are a runner, invite a friend to go on a run with you. If you work from home, invite a friend to come over and ‘co-work’.”


As important as it is for women to have close friendships in their lives to do fun activities with and emotionally support, it is important for men’s well-being to have those same types of friendships in their lives. It’s time to get rid of the stigmas and embrace the bro-mance!


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