Digital Persona Creation

Many of us have heard the acronym AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, but the AI we are discussing today refers to Artificial Influencers. You may not have heard of the term artificial influencers because it’s a new concept in the world of artificial intelligence. The idea originates from a new app known as Vengo AI. Yes, AI stands for artificial intelligence, but this app focuses on creating artificial influencers.

In this post, I will describe Vengo AI in depth and the mind-blowing concept of influencers becoming artificial.

Who Owns Vengo AI?

Vengo AI is owned by a team of visionary entrepreneurs and technologists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and digital identity creation. Led by CEO Jason Sherman, the company has garnered recognition and support from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI, demonstrating its credibility and potential for groundbreaking innovation in the AI space. With a mission to democratize AI and empower brands, influencers, and businesses to engage with their audience in more meaningful and personalized ways, Vengo AI stands at the forefront of revolutionizing digital marketing and customer interaction.

What is Vengo AI?

Vengo AI is a creator’s dream. Seriously, this app is revolutionizing the way creators utilize their content. The app allows creators to input as much content as they desire to receive an output of an AI persona that comes eerily close to a replica. For anyone with content such as a published book, interviews, transcripts from videos, blogs, and any other written content you can think of, Vengo AI offers a refreshingly new experience. Essentially, the more files a creator can feed the AI, the more accurate their persona will be. These personas come with a face and personality, too.

Where to Find Vengo AI?

Vengo AI can be found as a web app at

When Will This App Be Available to Creators?

The answer is simple—NOW! The future is here. There’s no reason to wait; Vengo AI is already available for creators to utilize. With all the talk of social media causing disturbances and potential bans, now is the time to start thinking outside the box and finding new ways to monetize your content while appeasing your fans, followers, audiences, and customers.

Why Should I Use Vengo AI?

It’s a fact that everything has its time and place. Social media has been great for many brands and creators but is quickly running into major issues with privacy and authenticity. Spinnr Inc. is solving both issues with their app Vengo AI. Vengo AI is also an incredible time management tool because the reality is that there just isn’t enough time to talk to everyone, but now you can. Your AI persona can answer questions just as you would, with correct and accurate information.

How Does It Work and How Do I Get Started?

Thankfully, it’s completely free for creators. To be a part of Vengo AI, you must first fill out a questionnaire to be verified as a legitimate creator or brand. Once you’ve been verified, collect your content, turn it into PDFs, and upload it! Within just a couple of minutes, you’ll have your very own near replica on the screen. Your persona will be able to answer questions and chat in the same manner you do! The AI used for this process can pick up on your verbal habits and personality based on your content. Then, your persona becomes listed for sale in the Vengo AI marketplace, and your fans, followers, audiences, and customers can purchase your persona for $2.99. For every purchase made, you receive 50% of the profits. And that’s it!

To get started, you can either jump right in by filling out your questionnaire on, or you can sign up for the Spinnr app and join the Vengo AI squad to talk to other Vengo users and experts who can help guide you in the right direction for creating your persona.


If you’re wondering what the future looks like for creators, it heavily involves artificial influencers for monetization, time management, engagement, and authenticity. To avoid being late to the game, the best action plan is to start gathering all of your content now so that you can create your AI persona. The only way to receive the largest profit from this next wave of AI is by being one of the first, because it’s bound to go viral.

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