Avatar Advantage

AI avatars have arrived, and they’re revved up and raring to turbocharge your sales.  You can expect to see them making waves across the internet, especially on business websites.

Hosting an AI avatar on your business site may be just what you’re looking for to boost your sales, increase customer engagement, and free up some of your valuable time.

In this post, we will introduce the next big concept in business tactics – hosting an AI avatar.

What is an AI Avatar?

Well, they’re simply virtual humans. This is the most basic definition you’ll receive because AI avatars are much more complex when it comes to computer programming and the level of coding it takes to build them. However, for the sake of this post, it’s important to understand that an AI avatar looks, acts, and responds much like a real-world human. The only difference is that AI avatars aren’t nourished with food; they’re fed with data – lots of data.

AI Avatars for Businesses

Why would anyone want to utilize an AI avatar on their business website? Why not?! Let’s face it, most consumers are bored with traditional marketing methods. We live in a culture where people crave change – they want the next big thing. The good news is that the next big thing has already arrived, and with apps like Vengo AI, you can host an AI avatar on your business website right now.

Boost Your Sales

Having the right tools allows you to boast a profitable business. Many sources expect AI resources to boost profits by trillions. According to McKinsey Global Institute, “Our latest research on generative AI and productivity from the McKinsey Global Institute finds that generative AI has the potential to generate value equivalent to $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in global corporate profits annually.” This is almost double!

Not only will customers find AI avatars engaging and keep them coming back to your website, but the avatars also have the ability to create a profile of a customer. By generating a profile, the trained AI can scan your inventory and recommend new and trending products that would best suit the customer’s needs and desires. Sure, the customer could search for products themselves, but their search may not be a comprehensive list of what’s available. In addition to an incomplete list, customers may not be using the right keywords and may miss out on products that they would want to have in their home. Don’t let a single customer slip away!

Increase Customer Engagement

AI avatars have a way of conversing with people instead of speaking at them. Let’s be honest, sales and business owners often get a bad rep for being too “salesy”. Instead of imposing sales upon customers, well-trained avatars can prioritize the customers’ thoughts and ideas in the conversation, which then leads to finding exactly what the customer needs and wants – not the other way around. When a customer feels appreciated and in control of their purchasing decisions, they’re more likely to return and make a purchase.

AI Avatars are a Time Saver

This brings us to our final topic – freeing up your valuable time. As business owners, we often get caught up in dealing with customers, to the point where we lose time for running the business. Just imagine for a moment that there are two of you. One of you is able to handle the customers, while the other handles logistics. That’s exactly what an AI avatar does! The avatar is a replica of you! But how? With files containing items you’ve written, links to websites about your area of expertise, podcasts or interviews you’ve been a part of, and any other data that can be fed to the AI, you can create a digital twin! It’s the best news you’ll hear today.

Don’t miss the chance to take the lead in sales and customer interaction. Embedding an AI avatar on your business website now positions you at the forefront. As awareness of AI avatars grows, seizing this opportunity ensures you stay ahead of the curve and captivate your audience.

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