Divorce is Life Changing

Divorce is a life-altering event that affects not only the individuals involved but also their social connections and overall well-being. In this blog post, we will delve into the recent statistics surrounding divorces and the subsequent loneliness that often accompanies them. Additionally, we will introduce Spinnr, a platform that offers essential human interaction and friendships to promote healthy independence post-divorce.

The Prevalence of Divorce

Statistics reveal that approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This staggering figure highlights the significant number of individuals who experience the emotional and social challenges associated with the dissolution of their marriage.

Daily Divorce Rates

With a worldwide average of 6,646 divorces per day, it becomes evident that a substantial number of people find themselves facing the aftermath of a broken relationship and the loneliness that follows from the loss. This high frequency emphasizes the need for support and companionship during this difficult period. Psychologists say getting divorced is as challenging as a death in the immediate family and follows with all the stages and steps of grief.

Loneliness Among Young Adults

Interestingly, research shows that 22.3% of divorces involve individuals aged 25-30, who are still in the prime of their social lives. This age group often relies heavily on their partner and social circle for companionship, making the transition to single life even more challenging.

The Critical Time Frame

Forbes suggests that most marriages come to an end between 2 to 8 years. Being that the average age people marry is around 30 years old, a 2 to 8 year marriage and a subsequent divorce means starting over at the midway point of life. The period following a divorce can be challenging for each partner as they navigate a new reality. 

Gender Differences in Loneliness

Studies indicate that divorced men are 8X more likely to experience depression or contemplate suicide compared to divorced women. Men often rely heavily on their partnership and children for companionship, making the loss of these connections particularly impactful.

In light of these statistics and the emotional toll divorce can take, it is crucial to seek support and foster new connections. Spinnr, a video friendship platform, is dedicated to post-divorce support. It offers essential human interaction and friendships to promote healthy independence and rekindling once-loved hobbies and interests. By joining Spinnr, individuals can access support groups and community squads that assist members in navigating life changes after divorce.

Divorces can be an isolating experience, leaving individuals feeling lonely and disconnected. However, by acknowledging the statistics and seeking support, it is possible to overcome these challenges. Spinnr provides a valuable resource for those going through divorce, offering a supportive community and opportunities for meaningful connections. Remember, you are not alone, and there are resources available to help you through this difficult time.

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