Advantages of Being Friends Before Dating

Dating a friend is an entirely different experience from dating a stranger. While you may feel the urge to jump into a relationship head-first when you meet someone new, it can be just as exciting to keep things progressing slowly. If you want to know the six reasons why it’s better to be friends before dating, keep reading.

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First Dates Go More Smoothly

In general, first dates can be nerve-wracking and awkward… or calm but interview-esque, which isn’t good either. To make your first date an experience you might actually want to remember, consider first getting to know your future BF on a friendship level.


Taking Things Slow Is Your Friend

If you decide to be friends before things get romantic, you might find that the slow progress from friends to BF/GF can actually be a turn-on. Whether you are trying to play hard-to-get or not, taking things slowly will probably make your future BF/GF even more excited to be with you.


You Won’t Be Surprised By Their Character

If you date a friend, you will already know who they are and have a pretty good idea of how they’ll act in a relationship. Being friends with someone is a great time to get to know them so surprises regarding their behavior will be less likely down the road. By dating a friend, you’re taking out all the guesswork typically involved with dating someone you just met.

You’re Comfortable With Them Already

When you’re already familiar with someone, you won’t be wondering what to say or if you sound weird. It will also be a lot easier to trust your future BF if you already know them. Being naturally comfortable and trusting of your future BF can help blossom a healthy relationship from the start.

You Know How They Deal With Hardships

Tough times can be a lot easier to manage if you already know the person you’re dating. Rachel Murphy writes for Insider that another reason why it’s better to be friends before dating is that you can get through more stressful times more easily if you already know how your significant other usually reacts during hard times. “You probably already feel like you can be yourself around that person under a variety of different circumstances, including difficult ones,” Murphy writes.


Would you prefer to be friends with someone before you start dating them? Why or why not?

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