The 3 Types of Friendship in Your Life


Aristotle’s timeless adage that genuine friendship is created from one of three sources – pleasure, usefulness, or virtue – can often be seen as just words. However, these fundamental concepts are what form the basis for various types and levels of relationships we share with others today.

As you read ahead, remember that any type of companionship can develop into a powerful and everlasting connection. There are no definite rules or criteria that have to be lived up to when it comes to the individuals who eventually become part of your closest circle. Every single kind is unique in its own way since they all influence both our mental and physical well-being positively. Despite this fact, certain friendships appear more likely over time to transform into meaningful relationships than others do.

Keep reading to learn all about the three distinct types of friendships and how they relate to you!


A Friendship of Pleasure

Pleasure-based friendships are rooted in the fact that you and your friend simply enjoy spending time together, usually resulting in fun activities with other people. These types of relationships may lack depth, but they can still provide an enjoyable experience. You might consider them to be friends you go out partying with but aren’t necessarily close to on a personal level. Whether it’s your regular bowling league or the gang you catch up with every Saturday night, these people form some of our most precious and enjoyable relationships. Despite a close bond being possible in this type of social circle, its purpose is primarily to be sociable without any pressure or expectations attached. It’s simply about having fun together.


A Friendship of Utility 3 Types of friendships

These relationships are predicated on how beneficial you become to one another. Say, your neighbor is someone you can trust and rely on when it’s time for a vacation – they will take out the trash and feed your cats while away. In return, they expect help with some jobs around their house that would usually call for professional assistance if not from you.

The strength of mutual friendships is dependent upon the balance in input and output. You and your neighbor should both be contributing, albeit in different forms, to keep it healthy. If nurtured with care over time, even relationships based on utility can blossom into something lasting; however if one party stops partaking they are more likely to fail. 3 Types of friendships

A Friendship for Good 3 Types of friendships

These relationships are founded on mutual convictions or a joint mission. They tend to be the most sturdy of all three categories of friendship. It’s normal for these connections to stem from your first job or university experience. Maybe both of you wanted similar occupations, or shared numerous aspirations in life? The strong bond between two people often begins with what they have in common—a shared cause can certainly build and cultivate a powerful connection!

Regardless of what stage in life you are at, it is possible to form a connection and friendship that will last forever. If your values align with someone else’s – especially if they differ from those of most people around you – then the likelihood for forming an everlasting bond increases significantly. We need not accept the notion that good friendships can only be developed during childhood or adolescence; rather, we should recognize just how powerful these connections can become no matter when they occur! 3 Types of friendships

People frequently build intense and meaningful friendships through self-help, social action, or hobby groups such as Weight Watchers, Alcoholics Anonymous, animal rights organizations, and live-action roleplaying communities. Even in oppressive societies these sorts of bonds are often formed due to the heightened emotion surrounding a particular cause or way of life. Regardless of the setting where it occurs this powerful feeling can create symbiotic relationships between people with like interests. 3 Types of friendships

Let us know in the comments below which type of friendships you see in your life!


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